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The Quality Manager (QM) reports directly to the Program Manager (PM). Responsible to supervise and manage personnel assigned to them. Applies standards to finished work or products to determine that finished production work is serviceable in all respects. The QM is responsible for supervising direct reports IAW the most current TA Organizational Chart. Performs the quality functions per the TA General Maintenance Manual (GMM), the TA Audit Procedures Manual (APM) and the TA Inspection Procedures Manual (IPM). QM is responsible to perform audits of Beddown Base (BB) and deployment sites to assure proper documentation of the maintenance, preventative maintenance, inspection or alterations in accordance with FAA FAR 43.9, 43.11, DA PAM 738-751 and instructions as provided by the Fixed Wing Project Management Office (FWPMO).



  1. Ensures that safety is paramount in all endeavors while performing maintenance, repair or inspections on the C-26 and UC-35 aircraft.
  2. Ensures inspection function resources are used in the best interest of the company and at the same time quality standards are not compromised.
  3. Develops and maintains inspection checklists and work cards as necessary to ensure safety and reliability.
  4. Administers Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Program (CAS) IAW the TA GMM.
  5. Coordinates with Director of Maintenance (DOM) for personnel qualifications and certifications.
  6. Coordinates preparation and scheduling of maintenance training program classes with the DOM.
  7. Ensures training syllabus is completed for initial training to aircraft mechanics. Coordinates training syllabus, lessons plans and materials with DOM.
  8. Manages recurring training program for maintenance personnel to ensure proficiency and safety in their duties. Audits and revises training programs to accommodate peculiarities of C-26 and UC-35 aircraft.    
  9. Provides the DOM with final exam scores of course participants.
  10. Monitors activities to ensure maintenance is performed in accordance with approved data.
  11. Monitors requirements for maintenance related flights, REL deferrals and the AD compliance system.
  12. Reviews certifications and quality systems of maintenance vendors. Prepares the various “List of Approved Vendors” to ensure un-approved parts are not used on aircraft and that services are performed in accordance with applicable FARs and company quality assurance requirements.
  13. Monitors and audits repairs and alterations to aircraft, engines, propellers and accessories to ensure approved data is used and the work is documented properly.
  14. Responsible for auditing the collection and filing of aircraft records and ensures that the maintenance activities are performed in accordance with the GMM.
  15. Responsible for maintaining a master library of FARs, advisory circulars and other applicable industry handbooks and manuals.
  16. Manages the Records and Reliability Department to ensure the completion of all maintenance activities, inspections and time changes are performed in accordance with specified time intervals. Reports inadequacies to the PM and DOM.
  17. Responsible to perform bi-annual audits of the Records and Reliability Department to ensure accurate and updated records.
  18. Assists in developing or revising applicable manuals and procedures.
  19. Responsible to oversee and audit the effectiveness of the safety program as outlined in the M7 Policy Manual, the safety portion of the Engineering Support Approach, applicable Government regulations and local facility safety requirements. These activities shall include safety awareness briefings, safety inspections of the work place, and amending maintenance procedures to reduce safety hazards IAW TA PWS.
  20. Performs audits of ground and flight operations to ensure compliance with AR 95-20. Provides the DOM with any changes/updates to AR 95-20 and local facility safety requirements.
  21. Implement and periodically audit the Hazardous Material Management Program
  22. Provide technical library IAW TA PWS including OEM and FAA subscription services with aircraft and subsystem manufacturers.
  23. Primary point of contact when an aircraft is grounded as the result of an FAA Directive or Aircraft OEM mandate. Is responsible to immediately notify the PMO telephonically, and follow up in writing.
  24. Is the point of contact for disposition by the PCO when an aircraft in grounded as the result of a US Services Action (i.e. Army Safety of Flight Message (SOF)).
  25. Responsible to audit BB procedures that ensure all required inspection records, inspection forms, identification tags and other pertinent forms are filled out correctly prior to aircraft release.
  26. Keeps informed of all current instructions, procedures, methods and practices as provided by the FWPMO.
  27. Responsible to maintain a listing of calibrated tools that are assigned to the SAT warehouse and notifies the appropriate department to schedule the periodic calibration of the tools as required.
  28. Responsible to perform audits of the tool control/FOD program ensuring that there is accountability for all tools after completion of assignment in accordance with Section 9 of the GMM – Tool Control Program.
  29. Performs periodic audits of technical libraries to ensure that all manuals and other required technical data are current.
  30. Perform periodic audits to ensure the proper handling and tagging of all parts in accordance with the Property Control System, Section 3 of the GMM.
  31. Processes and submits the Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) in accordance with TA PWS.
  32. Upon completion of the appropriate training, must be competent in the use of the company computer system and audit the timely and accurate input of the following data:

a. All maintenance discrepancies, corrective actions and inspection activities completed on aircraft at BB or deployed site    

b. Receiving /Receiving Inspection data

c. Material issue and removal data

d. Daily recording of the following:

          • Hours FlownEngine Cycles
          • Landings
          • NMCM, NMCS, PMCM, PMCS, NRT and associated comments
          • ETA to MC hours
          • Mission Capable Status
          • Aircraft Status Comment

         33. Maintains required training records for all employees assigned to the Program.

         34. Responsible for annual reviews of direct reports IAW the current TA Organization Chart.

 35. Responsible to manage and maintain a current listing of Required Inspection Item (RII) qualified Site Managers, Lead Mechanics and               mechanics at the BB or deployed sites.

36. Responsible to review and facilitate necessary updates to the FOD Prevention Program on a semi-annual basis.

37. Responsible to perform annual audit of the SAT warehouse in accordance with the APM and the TA Property Control System.

38. Must be familiar with and perform the quality activities identified in the TA PWS and subcontractor PWS.

39. Must be familiar with and adhere to policies and procedures as outlined in the M7/ESA Policy Manual.

40. Performs other duties as required by the DOM or PM.

41. Daily attendance is essential to this position.





  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Must hold and maintain a certified Airframe and Powerplant rating.
  • Must hold and maintain a current Inspection Authorization (IA).


  1. Must possess a minimum of ten years’ experience with at least eight years maintaining complex, turbine powered, and fixed-wing aircraft, to include complex airframe modifications.
  2. Must be familiar with Army Maintenance Management Processes.
  3. Must have performed the duties of a quality assurance supervisor for at least five years in a FAA FAR PART 145 Repair Station and three years in FAR Part 91, 135 and/or 145 shops facility management experience.
  4. Knowledge of:

                a) Federal Aviation Regulations

         b) FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-1A – acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for aircraft inspection and repair;

         c) FAA Advisory Circular 13-2A – acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for aircraft alterations

5. Must be familiar with turbine engine maintenance and inspections requirements.

6. Must have a background with Army programs or as a Military Quality Control Supervisor.

7. Must have the ability to:

         a) Act as the Site Manager/Facility Manager as required.

         b) Direct a work force in the performance of aircraft maintenance, repair, and modification, and work in conjunction with

              a supporting staff.


  • Must be able to qualify for and maintain a Secret Security Clearance.
  • US passport required.


  • Work is usually conducted in an office, warehouse, or aircraft hangar atmosphere.
  • Exposed to typical aircraft maintenance conditions. Hearing, vision and breathing protection provided in appropriate areas.
  • Some exposure to elements of weather when traveling and/or commuting between buildings.
  • May require extensive travel.
  • Overtime may be required on occasion.


  • Must be able to pass the M7 TA Initial Training Course.
  • Normal physical exertion required for periods of working on foot or standing.
  • Requires lifting of items weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Requires kneeling on occasion in performance of duties.
  • Requires ability to twist, bend, squat, climb and/or other body movements to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.
  • Requires the use of either or both hands for grasping items.
  • Manual dexterity and the ability to push/pull, i.e.: open/close file cabinets and/or handle machinery is required.
  • Requires the ability to reach above shoulder height in accomplishing job tasks.
  • Requires the ability to walk on uneven surfaces.
  • Sufficient vision required to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.
  • Requires sustained periods of concentration.


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